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What is an estimate?
An estimate is an attempt to accurately assess the damage of your vehicle, based on visible damage and the current costs of parts and labor to repair those damages. Unfortunately, even with today's sophisticated equipment and our years of experience, it is still especially difficult to judge hidden damages accurately. The cost of parts also decreases and increases periodically, which will affect the original estimate.

We will keep you informed of any adjustments to your original estimate. Of course, all estimates are free of charge.

Why does A+ Auto Body need the estimate from my insurance company?
The estimate provided by your insurance company insures us that they have included all necessary repairs to your vehicle. In the event that we find hidden damage, we will contact your agent immediately so that your settlement will reflect any additional repairs.

What is a "Supplemental Appraisal"?
While repairing your vehicle, we may discover additional damage not included in the original estimate. It is also possible that we will not need to perform work originally estimated.
When this occurs, a supplemental appraisal is required to adjust the original estimate. If work performed is "customer pay", then you are responsible. If this repair order is going through your insurance company, it is their responsibility to send out an adjuster promptly to approve these supplemental repairs and determine if they will be recovered by your policy. We will make every effort to contact you personally. However, there are occasions when we are unable to make contact with you, and it is necessary that we continue repairing your vehicle.

Do you have the parts needed to repair my vehicle?
Every effort is made to stock the widest range of parts possible, however, delays can occur. The most common delay in completing the repairs on a vehicle is waiting for ordered parts from a manufacturer. And despite rigorous quality control standards, manufacturers sometimes ship wrong or damaged parts. Because we will only repair your vehicle with correct, quality parts, discovery of a bad part could cause delay. In the event of any delay, we will contact you immediately to inform you of the situation.

My insurance company wants to use "L.K.Q. Parts". What are they?
L.K.Q. means Like Kind and Quality. The parts are recycled or just made by another manufacturer. Therefore, repairs made with L.K.Q. parts do not affect the quality of the repair, and, in some cases actually speed up the repair process, due to their greater

What if I change my mind after the parts are ordered?
Due to the time and effort involved in lining up the correct replacement parts, we are forced to charge a 15% restocking fee if you must cancel your repair agreement after we've ordered your parts.

How long will it take to repair my vehicle?
We cannot guarantee a delivery date due to the complexity of collision repairs. We try very hard to coordinate schedules, order parts ahead of time, and control the repair process
productively and effectively. However, delays may still occur. For example, ordered parts may be delayed or incorrect; insurance adjustments may need several days to review hidden damage; inclement weather may delay the proper drying of paints and other materials. Therefore, all stated delivery dates are tentative. We certainly don't want to make promises we can't keep. Our goal is to repair your vehicle correctly.

My car has other scratches. Can I get them repaired at this time?
Now would be an excellent time to have any additional body work done to your car. Your car is already in the body shop, having additional work done now eliminates the need to be without your car again in the future. Keep in mind that your insurance company probably won't pay for any work not directly related to your claim. We will provide you an estimate on any additional work you want done.

Who's responsible for payment of the bill?
If any or all your repairs are covered by your insurance company, we will cooperate to the fullest to help you expedite this paperwork for these funds. However, total and full payment is your responsibility, and is required before any vehicle leaves the shop.

All insurance drafts need to be endorsed by all parties prior to release of vehicle. This is why it is so important that you do not deposit the check from your insurance company into your own account. Waiting for this check to clear the bank could take several days, delaying the delivery date. Simply bring the draft from your insurance company with proper endorsements to A+ AUTO BODY. Amounts in excess of $300 (including deductibles) require a money order or cashier's check. We also accept major credit cards.

Is all work guaranteed?
Of course. We guarantee our workmanship for 12 months or 12,000 miles. Paint repairs are guaranteed for 5 years. Manufacturers usually guarantee their parts for 90 days. Our parts guarantee must be limited to that provided by the manufacturer. Front-end alignments will be set to factory specifications at the time of delivery. Sorry, we cannot guarantee previous rust repairs.

What is "The Important Difference"?
It's more than just getting a low price. It's the assurance that your car is being repaired in a modern shop with state-of-the-art equipment – Knowing that your car is being serviced by certified experts who take pride in their workmanship. In short, it's the peace of mind you get at A+ AUTO BODY REPAIR, knowing that your car is being repaired the right way... at the right price!

A+ AUTO BODY REPAIR is pleased to have the opportunity to service your vehicle. We will make every effort to have it repaired correctly in the shortest time frame possible. If you have any other questions that aren't answered on this web page, we will be happy to answer them for you. We are dedicated to serving you at all times.
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